Science 3º Ed. Primaria Editorial RICHMOND                                                                                Menú Principal

Unidad 2: Our Senses

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Students must place the parts of the eye in the correct place.

Label the eye


Sort the smells into those that you like and those that you don't like.

Sort the smells


Sort the tastes into those that you like and those that you don't like.

Sort the tastes


Students choose among different sounds and recognize them.

Distinguishing sounds


Unidad 3: Our Body

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Children can choose among different animals to label the parts of the body.

Label the body


In this page you can choose among different parts of the body to know more about them and make different activities.

How the body works?


You must put the body bones in the right place.

Label the skeleton


Put the label of the human body into the spaces provided

Choose the correct label for each picture


Good song to learn the bones of the body in a funny way

The scary skeleton. Song


Unidad 4: Animals

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You must sort animals according to different criteria: Animal or plant?

Grouping animals and plants


Look at the plants and animals as they go past. Can you drag them into the right groups?

Sort the animals


You must find the animal pairs

Memory game



Unidad 1: Living Things

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Sort the pictures into living and non-living things.

Living or non-living things?


Students must group plants and animals.

Grouping animals