Science 1º Ed. Primaria TEMAS DE LA Editorial Richmond

Unidad 0: The seasons

Web interactivas


The months of the year Time for another year (song)  
The four seasons Matching game  

The environment and its changes

Incy Wincy Spider (song)






Unidad 1: My body

Web interactivas


Parts of the body

Make your monster  
Matching game  

Physical changes caused by growth









Unit 3: Living things

Web interactivas


Living things and non-living things




Classifying plants,insects, birds and mammals



Mammal match

Mammal word search



Fish memory match


Animal body covering

Make an animal


Unit 4: Animals

Web interactivas


Animals are living things



Animal needs

How do they move?

Animals with or without legs: Animal Sort

Pets at the animal shetler

Match the pet with the correct name








Unit 5: Plants

Web interactivas


Plant parts


Can you label the tree?

Can you spell the parts of a plant?


Plant needs

A seed story


Seasonal changes

Can you put the life cycle pictures in the right order?

Seasons and the months of the year





Unit 6: Plants and animals

Web interactivas


Plants and animals

Sorting plants and animals


Uses of plants



Relationship between people and animals









Unit 7: The five senses

Web interactivas


The senses

The five senses (song)


The five senses, their organs and perceptions

Learning about the five senses (video)


Story: five senses





Unit 8: Materials

Web interactivas



Material labels



Classifaying materials: natural or man-made materials








Unit 8: Materials

Web interactivas


Group materials

Material labels


Natural or man-made materials

Activity 3: Classifaying materials: natural or man-made materials


Material properties: try the  experiment.

Sorting and using materials: Is it blendy? Is it waterproof?





Unit 9: Physical processes

Web interactivas


Push and Pull

Pushes and pulls (game and experiment)



Light and dark (game and experiment)


Sound sources

Sound and hearing (game and experiment)




Unit 10: Our world

Web interactivas


Where the animals live

Animal home: Where does these animals live? In the farm, in the sea, in the jungle, etc.


Uses and states of water

The water cycle: pay attention to the cycle, try to understand and memorize.

Complete the changing state diagram: drag the labels to the correct place





Unit 11: Daily life

Web interactivas


Days of the week

Let´s play the 7 days in a week song!!


Daily rutines

Play the video to learn the daily rutines: "Let´s play in the forest"






Unit 2: I need...

Web interactivas


Thing we need to live

Healthy eating game


Daily meals