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Unit 1: Living Things
Web Activities
Actividades Jclic
Living things Animals of the world  
The Cell Explore a 3D cell  
Replace the cells game
Build and organ with cells
Label the plant cell
label the animal cell
watch a 3D animation illustrating the inner life of a cell
The organization of living things put the human systems in its correct place  
Explore 4 types of tissues
watch a video and test yourself
The 5 kingdoms Play a matching game  
watch a video and test yourself
Some information about the 5 kingdoms
Microorganism game


Unidad 11:
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Unidad 12:
Actividades Web
Actividades Jclic
Unidad 13:
Actividades Web
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Unit 10: Population
Web Activities
Actividades Jclic
Population  Population distribution and density test  
Changes and structure test
What's migration?
World Clock
Unit 9: Rivers
Web Activities
Actividades Jclic
General features of rivers Rivers Wordsearch  
Weather Maze
Information about rivers
Spain Rivers Vertientes de España  
Estudia los ríos de España, juego
Completa el test
Ríos de España (fácil)
Ríos de España (avanzado)
Mapa de los ríos de España
Climate in Spain Información climas de España  
Medio natural y clima de España
Unit 8: The Landscape
Web Activities
Actividades Jclic
General features of landscapes take a quiz about rivers and glaciers  
Matching exercise
Word search
Spanish Landscape Powerpoint to learn about the Spanish landscape  
Coasts of Spain
Spanish archipelagos
Coasts of Spain
Unit 5: Nutrition
Web Activities
Actividades Jclic
Food and Diet A balanced diet  
Test yourself
Food Pyramid
The Digestive System Watch this animation  
Explore the digestive system
Put the organs in its correct place
Build the digestive system
Respiration and Excretion Watch a movie or take a test  
Put the organs in its correct place
Watch this animation about the excretory system
Take the quiz
Circulatory System Watch the following animation  
3D heart
Explantion of how the circulatory system works
Unit 6: Matter
Web Activities
Actividades Jclic
Properties of the matter Matter properties  
Play the game
Changes in Matter Change it! game  
Change materials
Changes in Matter
Changes of State Changes of State illustration  
Funny song and quiz
Put the labels in the correct place
Solid, liquid and gases game
Learn about gases
Gases around us
Solid and liquids
Unit 4: Vertebrates
Web Activities
Actividades Jclic
Vertebrates Classify vertebrates  
Play a matching game
Play a concentration game
Word search game
Play a concentration game
Vertebrate Groups All about frogs  
Animal safari game
Bird watcher game
Animal homes
Mission adaptation game
Information about vertebrate groups
Design a habitat for a vertebrate
Keep the sand lizard alive game
Beat the computer and hit the correct vertebrate group
Vertebrates quiz
Unit 3: Invertebrates
Web Activities
Actividades Jclic
Invertebrates Invertebrates pictures  
The bone blaster game
Invertebrates test
Classify invetebrates
Classify insects
Recognize the insects
Invertebrate Groups  Good web with information about invertebrates. You can choose the language  
Good movie about invertebrates and invertebrate groups
Answer the questions game
Arthropods  Learn about arthropods in Spanish  
Insects hunt
Match the butterfly to its food
3D insects
Unit 2: Plants
Web Activities
Actividades Jclic
Plants Label the parts of the plant  
Make a plant grow
Complete the text
Plant Nutrition Click on the plant parts and find out how they perform nutrition  
Explantation of photosynthesis
Plants and photosynthesis
Plant Reproduction How is a plant pollinated?  
Complete a text about pollination
Watch a movie about plant reproduction
The life cyle of a flower
Label the life cycle of a flower